About Me

I’m a software engineer in Tokyo. I enjoy working on algorithmic difficulties which arise on solving real-world problems.

Computer Skills


C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Shell Script, etc.

Professional Experiences

Google Inc. Software Engineer: 2010 – Present

Worked in search team (2010 – 2014), Chrome OS team (2014 – present).
Examples of publicly launched projects:


Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo: Bachelor: March 2008

Mathematical Informatics 5th Laboratory (Sugihara Lab.)

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo: Master: March 2010

Mathematical Informatics 2nd Laboratory (Murota & Makino Lab.)

Open Source Softwares

  • Chromium committer
  • Hyou: Pythonic interface to manipulate Google Spreadsheet
  • Stijl: Chrome extension showing code reviews in a single page
  • wsgiprof: lightweight WSGI profiler with call graph visualization
  • Rime: Automation tool for programming contest organizers
  • more on Github

Programming Contests

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC)

World finalist in ACM-ICPC 2008.
Volunteering as the chief system admin in Japan regional contests since 2014.

ACM ICFP Programming Contest (ICFPC)

1st place in 2010, 2nd place in 2015.
Contest organizer in 2016.

Google Code Jam

World finalist in 2006.
Member of Google Code Jam team since 2010. Organized Google Code Jam Japan 2011.


Handle name: nya. Maximum rating: 2890.


UTPC winner (2008), UTPC organizer (2009, 2010), ISUCON4 finalist (2014), Tokyo Institute of Technology Supercomputer Contest finalist (2003), and more.